Michael Rees, President A World of Training

In January, 2018, Spader Business Management announced a new partnership with A World of Training. Here are some of the factssurrounding the new partnership and the services this alliance will offer clients.

Q: When will this take place?
A: The official paperwork allowed this new partnership to take effect on January 1, 2018. However, mutual clients made this beneficial partnership a reality long before it became official. They recognized early-on that when it came to implementing the Spader Business Management concepts at their businesses with the front line people, they needed some hands-on assistance. Many of them turned to A World of Training to obtain that assistance. The only difference now is the two companies are working in tandem.

Q: Why did Spader decide to partner with A World of Training?
A: This partnership will ensure a level of consistency in the information shared with clients. It will help put some of the principles, systems and tools in place that align with how Spader training outlines them. The A World of Training staff will also be more effective with these same clients, bringing more resources to the front lines at the store level, having first-hand knowledge of those Spader concepts and processes. The Spader/A World of Training partnership gets them one step closer to fully implementing, and profiting from, what they’ve learned.

Q: Aren’t you competitors?
A: Not really. Spader Business Management’s focus is on 20 Groups, training and consulting for senior and middle

David Foco, Vice President A World of Training

management. The focus at A World of Training lies in putting those same concepts into practice with the front-line people. In actuality, the two companies have been working “together” for years, but as detached businesses that our clients had to connect. Now, as partners, we have become a comprehensive resource for business improvement at all levels of their organizations.

Q: How will A World of Training be involved in 20 Groups and workshops?
A: A World of Training will be a very valuable resource to draw upon during 20 Groups. Because they understand the day-to-day, front-line processes, they will be able to offer a new dimension of understanding to the 20 Group members, who are typically senior and middle managers. The practical nature of putting something into practice will be kept in check, allowing a deeper understanding of the overall impact a change or a shift will have. Their actual 20 Group involvement may range from participation to possibly facilitating some meetings.

We are equally excited about the possible collaboration on current and future workshops.

Q: Can I work with A World of Training through Spader?
A: Yes. Your relationship with us can start with either business, and we will work closely with you to create the right package of training and services for you. Both businesses will continue to operate separately and will offer the same products and services as they currently do. Over time, the two companies may collaborate on new programs or services to offer. Those collaborations will be announced to all our members once they are available. In the meantime, Spader will be referring clients to A World of Training and vice versa.

John Spader, President Spader Business Management

Q: How would I contact Spader Business Management or A World of Training?

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