About Us

Variable & Fixed Ops Training

A World of Training is the result of years of training in diverse, yet specific arenas. This experience has uncovered the need for training programs that are NOT one size fits all. A World of Training is now able to supply training solutions to clients with various needs. In other words, we have found that clients would prefer to get all their training in one place. A World of Training, as you will see as you navigate through this site, has a world of different training solutions to help you become “differently better”. Our expert, professional training team is the best of the best, armed with the goal of providing the best training available today, at any price! We are all about improving your customers’ experiences, so they enjoy doing business with you. Coupled with proven processes to ensure every customer has a “World-Class” experience when they visit you either in person, on the phone, or on your website, our training will help you increase your number of transactionsdollars per transaction and profit per transaction while helping you to control expenses. Our training is delivered in several ways:


At your place of business

  • Performance based – sales, management and system implementation program.
  • Monthly, Bi-monthly or quarterly to suit your needs and wants
  • 2/3/4 days per visit – to suit you

At a central location

  • Workshops for all customer facing personnel
  • Group buying power
  • Face to face training for maximum results

Webinar based training

  • Live, interactive
  • Individual or group settings
  • Recorded for you to constantly review

On line virtual training

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Full accountability
  • Interactive, fun

Any combination of all of the above


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