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Asking for referrals quite often does not give us the results we would wish for. Why? Because we normally don't ask at the best time, nor do we ask the correct way.

Time - one of the best times to ask for referrals is at delivery - this is when our customer is excited about their purchase and will gladly give us some referrals if - we have done a great job, and if - we ask the right way!

The video above goes through the right times to ask and the right way to ask.

Our customers will be only too pleased to help us - we should get them to focus on particular potential customers if we are to get results.

By asking specific questions, we should expect specific results. All too often a salesperson thinks that by asking a customer to send other people to them "if you know of anyone looking for something", that is considered them doing their job, in asking for referrals. Don't expect much in return!

Instead, ask who do you know, who may be looking for a new or used ______ either now in the near future? Asking specific questions should provide the specific answer you are looking for.

Make the referral questions part of your sold customer follow up routine - as mentioned in the video, the 1st 2 follow up calls should be about customer satisfaction - leave it until the 3rd call (1 month) to ask for referrals - the same way - who do you know?

The salespeople who work this process are the ones in a year or so, who will definitely reap the rewards!