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Getting Your Customers to Like you

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If you are not already in the midst of your busy season, you soon will be, so this is a reminder to remember the basic essentials to ensure you have a successful busy season.

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The video above goes through more than the basic essentials of getting the #1 ingredient sold - you.

More than the way you look, the way you smell, what comes out of your mouth and how you shake hands, I take you through how to get people to actually like you!

As you look at and watch other people in everyday life, you may come across 1 in 200 with one of those "natural smiles" on their face. You know the one - when their face looks happy even when they may not be.

These people intrigue me - I want to spend time with them, knowing that the time spent will be enjoyable and fun. What if your customers thought the same way about you, just by looking at you? How good would that be? Customers don't want to deal with some old grouch when buying anything, even less when buying a high ticket item like we all sell.

I have found that the more I care for someone, the more they like me - why wouldn't they? So how much do you genuinely care that you have a customer? How much do you care about what your customer wants? How much do you care about helping your customer? And how much do you show that you care?

"People don't care about how much you know, until they know how much you care."

What a great quote - and if we are attentive and listen to our customers, this will go a long way to showing our customers how much we care - it is an essential ingredient (attentiveness) if we are to get our customers to like us.

As we know, customers may not always be right, but they should always be treated as a customer and not someone to argue with. Treating our customers like Royalty will allow them to feel special, and to feel like a customer who is special. If our customers feel special, they will respect that and like you for making them feel that way.

So, if you want to make sure your customers buy into you - have that natural smile, show them you care, be attentive and treat them like Royalty - a powerful, winning combination that will assure success.

Be Like Frank

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“Be Like Frank”

Remember the little Gatorade jingle when Michael Jordan was in his prime? “Sometimes I dream… that he is me…I want to be like Mike”

I’m not sure if Michael Jordan would be a good service advisor or not but I know a gentleman that would be an awesome service advisor.…Frank!!

Who is Frank you ask?? I encountered Frank when recently my MacPro hard drive decided enough is enough. I made an appointment with the “Apple Genius Bar” at the Twelve Oaks Mall on all days…a Friday…oh did I mention it was wife’s birthday as well?

Well just like our service customers I was, shall I say, a bit nervous, irritated, high strung and worried about my entire electronics world going down the drain and not being able to do anything about it.

At the time I entered the Apple store I did not know the severity of my situation, but was received professionally and with enthusiasm by Gideon who checked me in with a smile and handshake. He then turned me over to Frank.

When I first met Frank, aka Apple Genius he reminded me of Aaron Kaufman from the TV show, Fast N’ Loud from the Gas Monkey Garage.

Frank was the ultimate professional with a proper enthusiastic Meet & Greet. He then got right into the “investigation process”, or what I call a courtesy inspection of my laptop concerns. Frank shared with me his feedback every step of the way when troubleshooting my concern. He was having quite a time with the IT issue, but figured out the issue within minutes after his process of diagnosing.

Here’s where Frank really shone. Knowing it was a hard drive issue, he shared with me step by step what needed to be done to back-up the data of the crashed component, how long it would take, and what course of action was needed transferring the data onto a new MacBook Air.

I don’t know if you have ever been to an Apple Store, in a mall, on a Friday, but it was a mad house. It looked like the NYSE!! Here’s the kicker - Frank was handling approximately 9 other customers all at the same time, troubleshooting, explaining IT issues/fixes and doing paperwork/R.O.’s for all these customers. In addition, other “Geniuses” were asking his expertise. Never did I feel “out of the loop” as to what was going on, due to Frank constantly keeping me up to date with the time it was taking to extract all of the data and additionally fixing the hard drive.

After my visit the manager called and asked about my experience. He was delighted to hear my feedback, but was not surprised and mentioned that Frank gets these types of comments all the time!!

I hope all of us Service Managers & Service Advisors want to “be like Frank”

See you in the Service Lane

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