We know from experience that not all salespeople are alike!! We take your team back to the basics, arm them with tools to make them successful, role-play with them, test them, then give them more! We teach them “the art of selling” so they can help the customer to buy, instead of being an order taker. Here is a brief overview of what we train them on:

Basic Sales Training

  • How a dealership works
  • Preparation
  • Steps to the sale
    • Meet & Greet
    • Interview
    • Select a Product
    • Feature/Function/Benefit Presentation
    • Demonstration
    • Trial Close
    • Service Tour
    • Buy the Trade
    • Worksheet/Negotiations
    • Closing the Sale
    • Turn Over
    • Delivery/Follow Up
    • Prospecting
  • Goal Setting
  • Video training

Advanced Sales Training

  • Steps to a sale (advanced)
  • Overcoming objections
  • Advanced negotiating techniques
  • 23 different closes
  • Follow up
  • Prospecting so you don’t have to take another fresh up
  • Video training