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Service Manager’s Conducting Daily One on Ones with our Service Writers

“Yeah Dave, that all sounds great in theory, but I have way too much to do, and can’t spare the time”

This is the initial feedback we get, when we discuss the importance of our Service Managers doing “Daily One on Ones” with our service writers/advisors.

The reason our service managers are so busy is because they typically are reacting to the following processes that have not been executed properly by our writers/advisors:

  • Customer Follow-up that is needed (5 Business Days)
  • Aged Repair Orders
  • Next Day’s Reservations (Drop-off vs Waiter)
  • Active deliveries to be conducted
  • Repair order write-up process & policies (proper documentation)
  • Estimates to be completed
  • Oldest RV’s on the lot and why

As Service Managers, GM’s, and Owners, we know all the issues that occur, and money lost, when the above-mentioned 7 steps are not reviewed and followed up on a regular basis.

Typically, we cannot understand why these items are not being reviewed regularly.  When you dive into these topics/processes and inspect each writer’s or advisor’s status regarding these processes, you’ll soon understand why the Service Manager needs to be the coach, mentor and motivator working through these daily duties.

A time frame and an agenda need to be developed so we can review the above-mentioned processes with each of our advisors daily.  We usually find

the best part about completing “Daily One on Ones” is the direction and education our writers/advisors team receive regarding handling specific service & parts situations with customers, not to mention the pro-activeness we are taking regarding these processes and eliminating customer dissatisfaction!!

Additionally, the dollars saved and earned with this pro-active approach to executing processes is dramatic.

With recently pointing out how & when to incorporate service writer/advisor “Daily One on Ones” with a service manager in Louisiana, we instantly experienced success.

Results: With two different advisors, we collected money owed on 4 dated R.O.’s, then scheduled 3 of the Active Deliveries, and scheduled a vehicle be delivered to the 4th customer due to thinking outside the box!!

This is one example of many as to the importance of completing “Daily One on Ones with our service team!!