Recruitment Training

We know how important it is to recruit the right people, so our recruiting training is vital to the continued success of your business. The following is what we train your management on, so they can successfully run their own recruiting programs and build a world-class team:

Pro-active versus Re-active

  • When to recruit salespeople
  • How to plan for recruiting

How many do I need?

  • Sales history
  • Monthly/Annual Forecast
  • National statistics
  • Natural fall-out
  • Future retirees

Designing/placing ads

  • What are candidates looking for?
  • What opportunities can you offer?
  • Benefits
  • Hours
  • Working Environment
  • Vacation
  • Newspaper
  • Internet
  • Internal

Application Form

  • Compliance
  • Information
  • Resume – what to look for


  • Length of each interview
  • When to interview
  • How many days to conduct interviews
  • Who should conduct initial interviews
  • Selling the dealership
  • Selling the job
  • Word association
  • What questions to ask in order to get the applicant to open up
  • What to look for (not just what they have done)

Select for Training

  • Initial training/working interview selection
  • How many to invite
  • How to choose
  • How to invite them for training without committing to employment
  • Can they take orders?


  • Get them excited about the business
    • Money spent on advertising
    • Investment made by the dealer
    • Working on commission
    • Their own business within a business
  • Overview of the selling process
  • Rules
  • Meet & Greet
  • Interview
  • Homework
  • Goals
  • Review Homework
  • Role Plays
  • Progress reports
  • Tests
  • Stand up presentations

Select for Hiring

  • Dealer/management involvement
  • Short list
  • How many?
  • Job offer