Telephone Training

Incoming Calls

  • Mastering the Art
  • Specific Standards
  • Using Word Tracks
    • Introduction
    • Take Control
    • Name and Number
    • Alternative
    • Appointment
    • Sell the customer your name
  • New Vehicle Enquiry
  • Specific/Used Vehicle Enquiry
  • Overcoming Objections
    • Price
    • “How much is my trade worth?”
    • “What is the interest rate?”
    • “How much will I have to put down?”
    • “I don’t give my phone number out to anyone”
    • “I can’t come down there”

Outgoing Calls

  • Getting past the gate keeper
  • When to make the call
  • How many calls to make in one sitting
  • Making the appointment

Getting the appointment to show

  • Management involvement
  • Re-confirm
  • Bring the family

Closing the appointment that shows

  • Preparation
  • Excitement
  • Management involvement

Video Training

  • Attendees will be filmed taking and making telephone calls. They will be given different types of calls to handle, so when they return to the dealership they will be armed and ready to make appointments that show off your incoming telephone enquiries.