Video Training

So how do you get training to take effect? Use a camera!

All World of Training trainers and partners have the latest digital video recorders.

These cameras are used extensively in training – we train personnel on a particular process, then role-play that process with them. Then, we put some pressure on them and get them to role-play in front of the camera while we record them.

We play the role-play back on either a television or computer for the trainee to watch and make notes. Other participants are doing the same thing, so everyone critiques (not criticizes) each other. Our trainer then adds his observations – positive statements about the trainee’s good skills, and opportunities for improvement.

Once this process is complete, the trainee is then asked to role-play the particular process again. The difference is remarkable!

We know our training is taking effect when we have trainees asking us "film me doing that again – I know I can do better than that!"