Workshops Provided by Spader Business Management

Total Management 1 Workshop

Total Management 1 is geared toward every decision-maker, leader, and key employee in your organization. Attendees will be able to help your business stabilize, grow, and increase profits.


Leading for Success and Satisfaction Workshop

The LSS development program gives you the tools, capabilities, and confidence to address mistakes and deliver unparalleled levels of success and satisfaction for everyone who is led by you.


Service Management Workshop:

Learn how to maximize profits in your service department by mastering and balancing three key components: Collect-able Efficiency, labor rates, and expenses. Find out how to structure your service department, and gain confidence to properly grow -or shrink- using proven organizational structures that clearly define roles and responsibilities ... and much more.


Service Writing Workshop

This workshop helps your service department get in shape, giving you the processes, systems, and tools for powerful stability and profitability.


Parts and Accessories Management Workshop

This course will give you the practical tools to manage parts and accessories in a coherent, predictable, and profitable manner.


Leadership Development Program

Spader's LDP program increases the performance of your organizations "A Team" and will also strengthen the depth of your "bench." Participants will reach new levels of performance as they are continuously challenged to develop new capabilities over the course of 18 to 24 months.


Next Level Leadership

This workshop teaches the top leadership of your organization how to work on the business (instead of in the business) in these areas: Leadership, People Management, Strategy, Culture, Business Structure (Plateaus).


Profit Strategies Workshop

Participants will explore how to make a coherent, actionable financial plan to set goals and boost profits across the company, by department, and by employee - and then learn how to execute it.