Meet Our Team

Michael Rees


partner_mikerMichael Rees is a hands-on, results-oriented leader with a comprehensive successful background in RV and automobile sales, management, training and overall dealership operations.

He started selling cars full-time at age 18 in England, moving to the U.S. at age 22 to become one of the youngest sales managers in the country. Working all aspects of management (F&I, Sales, GSM and General Manager), he moved back to England and became a Partner in and Dealer Principal of a Mitsubishi and used car operation, taking it to #1 in the nation. He was also the Regional Dealer Chairman and sat on the National Dealer Committee.

Since returning to the U.S. in 2000, he has been dedicated to training others to succeed, and has helped hundreds of dealers nationwide to become more successful themselves.

Michael has written several articles for magazines such as Auto Dealer Monthly, RV Executive Today and RV Business. He is also a regular workshop speaker at the annual RVDA and NADA conventions – he invariably speaks to a full house due to his captivating topics and lively presentation style.

David Foco

Vice President

partnerjimDavid Foco is a competitive management professional, with over 25 years of experience in the retail automotive and RV industry.

Washing cars after school, David was approached by the dealer to sell cars. He sold his first car when he was 18 years old, and never looked back. David has had a history of significant profit, volume, and customer satisfaction achievements, in which he illustrated the ability to combine expense control, revenue growth, and process improvements through effective staff training and motivation.

David’s vast experience has taken him on a journey through Sales Consultant, Business Manager, Fleet Manager, Assistant Service Manager, General Sales Manager, General Manager, and Executive Manager. As an NADA graduate and ex-dealer David recognizes the attributes and strengths needed to operate a successful dealership.

Because of his knowledge and desire to help dealers across the United States, and his passion for coaching and training dealership personnel, David has contributed and assisted many dealers with increasing their productivity, profit and volume. He believes his “hands on approach” and total understanding of the dealerships daily operations, segregates A World of Training from other training companies. The greatest compliment a trainer receives, is when a seasoned veteran tells his manager…”we need to keep these guys, they really know what it takes to do business in today’s market!!”

David’s responsibility as the Vice President of Training is to provide your company with the type of enthusiastic training, coaching, and process implementation that is the “Best of the Best” and separate your company from your competitive market!!! He says, “Until that happens, my responsibilities are incomplete!!”

Richard Figuero

Fixed Operations Specialist

rich-figueroRichard Figuero has corporate, financial and leadership experience in the automotive and RV industry. He is committed to the AWOT mission of training.

He has over 10 years experience with RV industry, having held a variety of positions within various dealerships. At age 18 he started out detailing cars, then changed careers and pursued a career in Law enforcement for 10 years.

After leaving law enforcement he pursued a career in Fixed Operations Management which helped Rich pursue his first love - working with people to assist them to enjoy their lives.
Rich provides programs and support to improve customer satisfaction processes and issues, understanding financial statements and how to use the information to increase productivity, sales and profits, improving repair and quality assurance, marketing techniques, advanced coaching techniques for managers, stress management, competitive retail hours, setting up service operations, and improving accessory sales.

Rich has been described as a dynamic and engaging individual. His work is presented through in-dealership support services, workshops, lectures and hands on training.

Jazz Janda

Variable Operations Specialist

jazz-jandaJazz Janda has been an automotive and RV sales executive for more than 15 years, during which time he developed working relationships with major auto manufacturers like: Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and General Motors. As a general manager, he also maintained his relationship with their lending divisions, Toyota Financial, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp, Ford Motor Credit, Ally Financial, and GM Financial, and had continued to nurture that relationship.

In his career, he has always achieved the next level of success by assisting others in reaching their goals. Jazz's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company's reach.

In 2009, Jazz was elected to sit on the board of directors for a local credit union in Colorado. This venture really helped to expand his knowledge and understanding of how lending institutions grade credit, structure business/personal loans, agricultural, automotive, recreational, and mortgage loans.

This led him to the banking arena where his success further grew. As a Branch Manager for KeyBank, he developed a team of tellers and bankers that proactively involved themselves into the community to help the public become more educated with loans, credit cards, debt, and credit.

He's a professional who understands that by helping others achieve their goals, it will help elevate him in becoming one of the nations most effective sales trainers. Jazz is also accredited and certified by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals, or AFIP. This means he conducts himself and his training to the highest level of ethical business practice. He and his wife, Shannon, have two beautiful daughters and they reside in a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Jeff Martin

Variable Operations Specialist

jeff-martinJeff Martin has over 35 years of successful selling and management experience including Business Manager, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager.

He was trained by some of the best in the business during the 80's and 90's like Jackie Cooper, Clint MaGee, Tom Stuker. Zig Ziglar and Joe McGuire.

Jeff worked the Steps To A Sale as a salesperson and managed the Sales Process with the Customer Log and On-Going Training through Daily One on Ones with his salespeople which led to 12 years of increasing sales and profitability throughout both variable and fixed operations.

During and after classroom training, Jeff likes to work directly with the sales manager and salespeople on the showroom floor with your customers to help with the implementation of the Sales Process.

Brent O'Hara

Variable Operations Specialist


Brent has a breadth of experience in the automotive and RV retail industry and a passion for automobiles and boats that began at a very young age. His weekends and summers were spent with his grandpa on the lake, or in the garage working on cars, and he worked his way through school in various jobs at the marinas near his home. Brent has worked in the automotive industry for nearly twenty-five years, and recently shifted gears and spent the last two years in RV retails sales.

Over the course of his career, Brent has worked in many different areas of the industry. His career began in technology working Fortune 500 companies such as EDS and Deloitte, which took him to manufacturing facilities around North America. His love of cars drew him to dealership operations and sales and he spent over ten years in various sales roles at the Suburban Collection, a leading Detroit area dealer group. Brent consistently ranked in the top ten of all sales associates and achieved numerous sales honors and awards. In addition to his sales responsibilities, Brent also co-designed the sales process and training manuals, created the Business Development Center for all 42 stores, and conducted all sales training for new hires.

Bill Scott

Variable Operations Specialist

bill-scottAfter 30 plus years of experience in the automobile industry Bill Scott pursued higher education earning his Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate from 1995 to 2003. With this accomplishment under his belt, Bill was motivated to exploring a new career challenge as an Independent Automobile Professional.

A review of Bill Scott’s credentials will quickly confirm that he is indeed an automotive professional with a broad-based knowledge of retail and wholesale automotive and RV environments. His knowledge has been applied successfully to develop, coordinate and inspire RV and automotive dealerships to increase profitability, sales, and service through innovative management techniques and staff development.

Select accomplishments include:

  • Contracted Interim Dealer for Ford Motor Company successfully provided extensive consultation and dealership development services which resulted in the dealership securing Blue Oval Certification with the highest possible score of 100%
  • Owned and operated dealerships that ranked in the top 100 black businesses in the nation from 1983- 1994
  • Recognized for the ability to recruit, hire, train staffs that maximize sales, production, profit, and customer service integrity. Builds an environment of mutual trust and respect and demands the highest ethical standards from staff and management.

Essential in today’s industry is a proactive sales process and management style with a proven ability to achieve goals. Bill Scott offers an aggressive and energetic approach to challenges and a strong desire to succeed. A World of Training is confident that Bill Scott’s ability as a motivated and dedicated professional will prove to be an asset to our relationship and yours.

Robert Singleton

Fixed Operations Specialist

rob-singletonAt a young age I was intrigued about working with my hands and woodworking. I started as an apprentice in flooring installation. Vinyl, hardwoods and carpet were how I made a living for twelve years. In that time I never turned down the chance to make extra money, building decks, remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and additions. Electrical, plumbing, drywall finishing, were all part of the package.

After spending so much time going to different locations to install flooring, I decided to go into the manufacturing part of business. I worked my way up the ranks; packing sticks to start, then moved up to the machining portion of the operation. I became a crew leader for all the shifts I progressed through. In the meantime always taking on the extra construction work, whenever the opportunity was presented.

I then developed an interest in RV’s, both recreationally, and a place to apply my handy work skills. In 2004 I began training as an RV technician. I attended classes learning about electrical systems, 12 volt and 110. Learning about ACs, furnaces, water heaters, refrigerators, and other appliances and the basic functions. I no longer had to drive to different locations to apply my skill; the units were driving to me. In 2006 I achieved my RV certification. Typically dealers don’t allow technicians in the field for 1-1/2 yrs. to take the test. I then moved up the ranks of the RV industry, as a team leader, mentor, and shop foreman. During the winter months of 2006, I decided to give the south a try. I started to work for Flagship RV, a small dealership in Florida.

I then advanced my carrier in 2008 by working at Lazydays RV, the largest RV dealership in the US. In a relatively short time, I was a team leader. In 2013, I was awarded the MVP for the service department. I was selected as an Assistant Evaluation consultant for the dealership.

I enjoy the opportunity to teach in the shop. With this in mind another part of my career was about to change. Training dealership personnel, in all aspects regarding the RV industry, working side-by-side people and seeing the success of others, is so gratifying as a trainer. I look forward to the opportunity to train and coach you in the future!!