Kevin Booth, of Bretz RV:

As I close this year out and start my planning for next year, one of my biggest aids in getting change and performance to improve is and has been our A World of Training trainer. He and I work very well together and have made a nice impact this year at Bretz RV.

Our AWOT trainer is a work horse. He doesn’t waste a moment, and when there is one to capitalize on he is all over it. We strategize when he arrives, and he executes and reports back to me his findings. Through this process, I've been effectively able to collect 100 times more data and observations than I could on my own, and I've learned a lot about the RV business from him as well, making my transition into this new-to-me industry even better.

Besides his training skills, the guy has a great personality. He’s one of the rare few that can deliver a tough message with a smile on his face. He’s always upbeat, smiling, happy to see you and it feels genuine unlike most.

I recognize talent, and I am sure you’d agree that our AWOT trainer is a very talented individual. I couldn’t be more pleased that he is on my team. Thank you for providing him to us. We are truly appreciate working with individuals like him.

Cori Van Engelen, of Traveland RV:

We have all so enjoyed having our AWOT trainer come to our store!! She has helped in so many ways! She was a trooper in the snow!  We appreciate her understanding, her helpful interactions and her ideas! Our parts store looks so nice now with just a few changes! We are looking forward to her return!

Sam Parks, RVDA of Canada Chairman:

Just a short note to thank you for your contribution to the RVDA of Manitoba AGM.

I have had the opportunity to sit in on your presentation on more than one occasion in Vegas; however the shorter time allowance does not do justice in comparison to the full presentation.

I hope other members of our industry have this opportunity in the future.

Thank you once again.

Terry Granger from Reines RV:

I have been through outside training before with other companies, and A World of Training is different than any other training  I have ever seen. Your training is much more in-depth, the agenda is better, and the criteria show my employees the system much better than any other. The manual with read, write and recite helps retention. Our AWOT trainer does a great job, and your ideas are outside of the ordinary realm of RV service in general. Not having the time every day to go over all of these Items with my service writers, we as a company struggle to train as well as needed. This fixes that huge dilemma we all face at any dealership. I would refer this training to any dealership. Thank you and I hope we can have ongoing training with your company as ours strives forward.


Aaron Vogt

Aaron Vogt from Vogt RV:

A World of Training has been very successful in advising and training our sales staff.  It’s not always easy to get veterans to attempt change and accept, or for green peas to soak in the information.  But with their assistance, we have been able to increase our sales and profits as well as maintain a core sales staff.  I am more than satisfied with their system and their efforts. 

I would recommend you to anyone looking to get a unified sales process for their dealership.  I wholeheartedly believe it will increase your percentages and profit. 

Thank you for your continued efforts and for helping us work towards new levels of growth!


Nick Staab from Rich & Sons:

We began using A World of Training in September.  Our goal was to help the fixed operations part of our company.  We have been a consistently profitable company year after year.  We had a high level of customer satisfaction.  We increased our sales year-to-year.  There wasn’t anything broken, but we knew there was something more we should be doing.  We could be doing even more than what we were doing.  More customer satisfaction.  More sales.  More employee satisfaction.  More satisfaction for me on a daily basis. 


Upon meeting with AWOT, we were impressed with what the company had to offer for an established company like ourselves.  We had processes and procedures in place.  We had service menus, flat rate pricing, media/promotions, etc.  We thought we were doing a lot.  A World of Training helped us to refine our focus and make our processes and procedures make more sense.  The trainer helped take what we had and helped us to fully implement and use the items we had.  He helped us with a full implementation to insure these processes were used every day, every time.  He helped us with a whole map of our fixed operations and directions to get to where we want to go. 


AWOT has helped with our personnel relations.  This is always an issue for a company that has multiple staff members.  The AWOT trainer earned the trust and respect of my staff and they believe in what he is helping us implement and do in our operation.  He brings a great level of experience and knowledge to “sell” your staff on these processes.  Another way he helps implement the procedures is by doing it with my staff in front of real customers.  He works alongside the staff and helps them do the training in the real situations.  He shows them how following the procedures will result in a happy successful customer experience.  In some training programs, they say teach it if you can’t do it.  Well, in our AWOT trainer's case, he can teach it and can do it and he shows your staff that it really works.  


Another thing he has done is help me with what I need to work on.  I have a list of items as the owner/manager to work on myself and to keep my staff working on.  I know what has been covered so I can take it on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and inspect what my staff is doing to insure they are implementing our processes.  It helps me be held accountable just like I hold my staff accountable. 


I would recommend A World of Training to any dealership that is ready to improve their day-to-day business.  Through working smarter, your staff can find more success and more satisfaction in their days.  If you are not an owner who is willing to get in there and get your hands dirty, then I would recommend you save your money.  A World of Training can train your staff, give you the tools and knowledge to move in the right direction, but it is up to you as a manager to hold up the standard everyday.


On another note, I believe their company is an honest and trustworthy company.  We have used many companies in our 40 years of business.  Some offer so much, but when it comes to the implementation and walking the walk they fail.  Some companies shove a contract in your face and worry about a long-term commitment before they have proven themselves.  A World of Training sat down and gave us a consultation.  They proposed a training plan to us, but they didn’t make us sign a long-term contract.  They recommended an initial 4-week program with monthly visits to get started, and then said we could see what we wanted to do after that.  They knew that what they were doing would speak for itself and they didn’t have to force us to sign a contract.  They knew that what they could offer our company would speak for itself.  It was very refreshing to have a company say we will earn your business so that you want to use us on a consistent basis.  We have had companies in the past make us sign a long-term contract so we had to use them.  They had the contract, so they didn’t have to continually prove themselves. 

Thank you, A World of Training,  for all of your help so far.  We have been doing this for just 8 months and we feel like we are miles ahead of where we were.

John Myers from Bish's RV Idaho:

I just wanted to let you know a few things about the present state of my dealership and how our AWOT trainer has helped out.

We have made many significant changes in our service department including restructuring and hiring of new employees.  Over a month ago we lost an advisor, in the heat of summer, which hindered our ability to give the best quality service, and barely keep up with customers waiting at the counter. While our AWOT trainer was here last trip, he was critical in helping us keep our head above water because I had only one advisor and long lines of customers. Circumstances like that made it difficult to train at all, especially when the trainee has too much work to handle.  I appreciated his help immensely.  I still have customers talking about the great service they received from him directly.

During his current trip here, the perfect storm has arisen. My one-and-only advisor contracted pneumonia and was not able to work, and my service manager's wife went to the ER for migraines, etc. So unfortunately, we are in a tough situation where the best service that a trainer can provide while in these situations, is to help out in any position (be it service manager, dispatch, advisor) and train along the way.  

I've found our AWOT trainer to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and attuned to the needs of my dealership in all of the hellacious situations that he's been thrown into.

I wanted you to know of the difficulties we've had in our dealership's service department, and how the AWOT has been a big part in mitigating those.