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All too often, we continue to work on the things we are good at - we are comfortable with these things, which is probably why we are so good at them.

We don't, however, like to work on our weaknesses - it is hard work for us, so we tend to shy away from them.

A lot of the time we don't even know the areas that need to be improved - mainly because we don't track everything we do. Hopefully you have a manager who tracks for you - they should be tracking each step of the sale to see if you miss any, or skim over some. Only by identifying our weaknesses can we get better and stronger.

If, as a manager, you don't have the tools to track everything your sales team does, individually, let me know and I can supply them for you.

As a salesperson, same thing - if you would like a tool to help you track everything you do, let me know so I can send something to you.

Once you identify your weakness, you need to tackle it - practice, drill and rehearse - the more you practice, with coaching, the better you will become.