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RVDA, The National RV Dealers Association, is the only national association dedicated to advancing the RV retailer's interests through education, member services, industry leadership, and market expansion programs that promote the increased sale and use of RVs and that enhance the positive image of the RV experience.

RVDA is at the forefront of dealer-manufacturer issues, state and federal legislation that affects RV retailers, the national Go RVing advertising campaign, and educational programs covering all aspects of dealer operations.

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Spader 20 Groups get results. Proven ideas and best practices are shared. Paradigms shift. Solutions are identified. It is not a social club. Real work gets done.

Members benefit from an incredible depth and breadth of experience, a facilitator who has been there as a business owner or in a key management role, detailed and proprietary reports, and carefully matched peers who share your goals and needs.
Spader 20 Group members also receive our proprietary forward forecasting system, a method of predicting future sales and profits with amazing accuracy. And every month members get comprehensive consolidated financial reports showing peer-to-peer comparisons.

Membership gives you concrete advantages.

  • Best practices in your industry
  • Spader's valuable monthly financial report on your business and how it compares to others in your group and industry, including True*(tm) online dashboards and other specialized analyses of your company's financial (and non-financial) performance
  • Hard intelligence on trends within your group and your industry
  • Spader's proprietary forecasting analysis to predict with amazing accuracy your future financial performance
  • Timely discussions on critical issues, such as maintaining margins, industry consolidation, what's hot and what's not, etc.
  • What works–and straight talk on what doesn't
  • A Spader facilitator with knowledge of multiple industries for advice on growth and cross-industry insights
  • Visits to member-businesses to see best practices first-hand
  • The chance to solve tough issues with peers face-to-face; most groups meet several times each year
  • A support network of other business peers solving common challenges to productivity and growth
  • Valuable relationships with peak performers in your industry
  • Toll-free support for any questions that arise
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The RVDA of Canada is a national federation which exists to protect and promote the interests and welfare of RV Dealers across Canada in order to enable the industry to maximize its potential.

The core objective of the RVDA of Canada is to bring together and represent the retail businesses involved in the recreation vehicle industry across Canada, thus providing the support and strength to protect and promote the interests and welfare of Canadian RV Dealers, and to maximize the potential of the industry for all involved. Association activities include:

  • Communication and education throughout all levels of the recreation industry. Some examples are: biweekly eBulletin / Stolen RV report, bimonthly national newsletter and annual review; professional, technical and business training; shop and operation manuals; an annual national directory of dealer and associate members; a national industry survey and a high-profile, information-dense website.
  • Advocacy with all levels of Government to ensure expert input on policy and legislation design, and to rectify any legal or policy concern of the RV industry.
  • Membership in associations that impact, or are of direct involvement in, the RV industry, such as the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).
  • Regular contact and joint efforts with other associations and organizations in Canada and the United States that are affiliated with the recreation vehicle industry, such as: Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), RV Aftermarket Association (RVAA), Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and RVDA of America – including a seat on the board of the RV Education Foundation Board.
  • Joint efforts to date include conventions, meetings, training opportunities; and the North America-wide "Go RVing" program, featuring advertising, promotional aids, buyer leads, and a second Internet presence.
  • Liaising with various peripheral and aftermarket organizations, and developing beneficial endorsement programs, including finance, insurance programs, RV protection and servicing, merchant account discounts, and promotion on the Internet.

The RVDA of Canada is here to assist in the improvement of all involved in the recreation vehicle industry. Any programs, activities or government lobbying that the association may become involved in are introduced and developed by its members, for its members. Involvement is encouraged from all members. If you have any questions regarding the RVDA of Canada, what it does or what it can do for you, please contact one of the provincial RVDA offices or the RVDA of Canada office.